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"Dunkin is now 4 months and one week old! He is on track to be the best boy in the world!! His obedience is getting better every day and he is learning new tricks! He continues to go everywhere with us- we even took him to go cart riding and this past weekend we learned that he is a very good car rider- he slept in the back seat for 6 hours to and from San Antonio. He loves to go on walks to the park and meet new friends- people and other pups! His newest habit is getting in the shower  he loves the water and will bark at the shower door until i let him in  We are so proud of him and just absolutely obsessed!" B.D.


"All the kids [are] in love with her. Our grandson was very timid when he first met her, but after a short while - wouldnt leave her side. Best friends….She’s a sweetheart!!! We are blessed and thank you for taking such great care of her the first 8 weeks+. Regards!" L.K.


"He is so sweet. I’ve never gone through a breeder before. My parents did and Scott had but I can definitely see the difference in disposition and ease of training. He’s smart….And he’s so gorgeous. And cute. He’ll never get in trouble." H.W.


"He is getting big but still so snuggly. Kamper has a great personality….He is such a sweet boy! Thanks for raising them so well and hope you all get some rest!" T.C.


"Thanks for being a great breeder! We’re so in love with our puppy! She’s a joy. She is very, very loved. So thank you again for taking such good care of these puppies and their parents!" L.K.


"I’m so obsessed with my new baby! He is SO well behaved and such an angel."  B.D.O.

"Last night I got to witness one of the benefits of a puppy raised on Puppy Culture. Our part of San Antonio is known for its excessive fireworks on New Years eve to the point that many refer to it as a war zone. This was Jamie's first New Year's and he insisted he wanted to go outside at 11:45 when the fireworks were just starting to get a little crazy. He watched as one went off overhead, but otherwise he wasn't bothered by them at all. THANK YOU! And Happy New Year!" C.O.

"We love our sweet Quinn (one of Dunkin's sisters) too! These pups are the sweetest! <3" B.F.L.

 “While at the Golden Retriever Get Together in Austin on Saturday I had several individuals compliment Jamie and ask me for the name of his breeder. He behaved very well around all the other dogs and people - especially the kids.” C.O.

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