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  • Are you a kennel?
    No. We are AKC accredited breeders and GRCA members, but we are NOT a kennel. We strongly believe that proper socialization cannot be achieved in a kennel-type environment. We are simply a family that loves Goldens, and we care for them as members of our own family. Our mission and top priority are to breed for temperament, health and beauty.
  • Why is proper socialization so important for puppies?
    The puppy socialization period is the first 12 weeks of your puppy’s life. This is the critical “imprint” period that shapes your dog’s future temperament, character and behavior traits. The personality of your puppy rises and falls in the first 12 weeks of life, and it’s this period of time that will determine and shape who they will be as adult dogs. If you AND your breeder miss out on the knowledge, experience, time and effort to socialize your puppy properly during this time, you cannot simply go back and fix the temperament problems later. If this critical imprint period is missed, you will potentially end up battling behavior problems for the rest of the dog’s life. If a puppy is raised in a kennel, she will NOT experience proper socialization. Our puppies are raised in our home and are played with constantly by our boys. We also utilize, and highly recommend, the Puppy Culture program which was developed through trainers, breeders, medical doctors, veterinarians, and behaviorists, to pin point exactly when and how to socialize puppies in a scientific and organized way. Our program is science and love combined with an already amazing breed, and we truly believe that we have the right “recipe” forthe ultimate family, service or therapy dog. The old saying that “you get what you pay for”, is certainly true with dogs. A good socialization program is more than just playing with and holding the puppies a lot, although this is still better than a puppy raised in a kennel. The socialization program we use is a combination of science and love married to genetics that produces dogs with the absolute best personalities, behavior traits and characteristics on the planet!
  • Why is a champion blood-line so important?
    Parents that have champion blood-lines have the correct height, movement, angles, and temperament for their breed. Genetics plays a huge role in the personality of each puppy. Knowing and understanding a good pedigree also guarantees that you are actually getting an “English” or “European” Golden Retriever. Also, seeing a lot of “champion” dogs in your puppy’s lineage, means that there are a long line of ancestors that have been health tested.
  • Is this a different breed of Golden Retriever?
    No. These are AKC registered Golden Retrievers which have been bred to FCI/European standards. As such, they tend to have a lighter coat, shorter legs, blockier head and stockier build compared to most American/standard Goldens. Please see the chart below for more information regarding their differences:
  • What genetic abnormalities do you test for?
    We test for PRA 1, PRA 2, PRCD, ICT, DM, cardiac abnormalities and hip/elbow dysplasia. All of these diseases and abnormalities are completely preventable, simply by pairing the right parents.
  • Are English/European-bred Golden Retrievers able to be registered with the AKC?
    Absolutely. And they will automatically come with Limited Registration (i.e no breeding rights). Limited Registration gives you all the rights and privileges of full AKC registration, but future litters would be unregisterable. Full Registration will only be granted to approved breeders for an addional breeding rights fee.
  • Do you require puppies to be spayed/neutered?
    No. We do not. Research suggests a strong link between early spay/neuter and cancer. Early spay/neuter may also lead to life-threatening heart conditions. We suggest waiting until your dog is at least 2 years of age and fully developed before having them fixed.
  • Do you deliver puppies outside of Texas?
    Yes. We offer direct flight almost anywhere in the continental US for an additonal fee, but would prefer that you fly in to DFW and pick up your puppy if you live outside of Texas.
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