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We take great care, sparing no expense, to ensure that our puppies are in perfect health as they begin their new lives in your loving home.

Every puppy from Phillips’ English Cream Golden Retrievers comes with a one-year health guarantee. The specifics of the health guarantee are outlined in the contract.  All puppies will be dewormed on schedule and receive age-appropriate vaccinations. Your puppy will also be thoroughly examined by our highly-reputable veterinarian around 6-7 weeks of age.




Evidence shows that inadequate nutrition and improper exercise may actually have a more detrimental effect on your puppy’s hips and elbows than their genetic make-up.  This means it is critical for you to do your part.  We highly recommend feeding your Golden with a quality dog food, such as Purina One, and to follow age-appropriate exercise guidelines to ensure the proper growth and development of your Golden Retriever.

Finally, we strongly believe in Jane Killian's Puppy Culture program, which was developed through trainers, breeders, veterinarians, medical doctors, and behavorists to pin point exactly when and how to properly socialize puppies in a scientfic and organized manner. Remember, the first 12 weeks are critical....Order online today!

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