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*To view Duke's Champion (CH) and Junior Champion (JCH) five generation pedigree, health clearances, and genetic testing records please visit or* 

Duke has a long line of champions on both sides of his family tree.  He is a muscular boy with a large, block-head, and heavy bone structure.  While he projects a majestic and royal appearance, he really just wants to play all the time!!


Duke has EXCELLENT health clearances, and he is completely CLEAR of ICT, PRA 1, PRA 2, PRCD, DM and NCL. His coat is thick, white, wavy and lustrous. 


As gorgeous as this boy is, his personality is the best part of him. He is very confident and outgoing.  He is obedient, sweet, silly, and loving all rolled into one terrific dog. He loves to play fetch outdoors or snuggle on the couch....Whatever you want to do...he’s game!  Duke has a very happy personality and is ALWAYS smiling!



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